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If you struggle with a lack of consistency, ideas or knowledge on how to communicate your brand on social media, you’re not alone.  We’ve all been there and it’s something that I can help you with.

You’re likely to benefit from working with me if you:

  • Own your own brand

  • Have an online presence (social media accounts, website), but your social media needs improvement

  • Offer product and/or services, but you want to increase your online sales 

  • Have established a niche for your business

  • Know your brand strengths and weaknesses

  • Have business goals for the next few months

  • Know your competition

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I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution so with me, you have the flexibility to choose the package you think would be most beneficial for what you want to achieve.


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Pick my brain, and we can discuss where you need the most help in your online business. You can choose any of the below packages. Calls typically take between 1.5 - 2h, and before the session, we agree on the topic of the conversation on a 30 min free call.

Which package can you choose?

One to one

Clients say

Rameeza's Repertoire


Nicole gave me such a thorough review of my social media pages, including my website, though we mainly focused on Instagram, as that is the platform I most like using. We had 2 in-depth online sessions, where it was clear that she really had investigated and analysed all aspects of my business presence! She was very considerate of my lack of social media knowledge and pitched her explanations and finding clearly to a level that I could understand. We discussed many strategies for me to implement. Nicole was always helpful and respectful of my own comfort levels. I would definitely recommend you talk to Nicole if you need some help in growing your business organically through social media. Her knowledge is HUGE!



A programme where we meet on a bi-weekly basis and develop your brand online. You have full access to me within working hours and can ask any questions. At the end of our mentoring programme, you will have everything you need to grow your brand.


 By that we mean:


  • how to create a social content strategy and plan

  • how to analyse and evaluate the performance of your social content 

  • how to create an ad budget

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Do you feel like time is not on your side currently? Do you want someone to take this pressure of social media strategy, creating all content and post it? No problem!

The monthly social media management option is here for you. We take over the management of your social media accounts (up to two accounts) which includes:

  • create the graphics 

  • write the copy 

  • schedule posts in advance

  • analyse results and suggest improvements

  • set up or review or current social media strategy

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