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Three months ongoing mentoring


Do you feel like one session won’t work for you as you need a bit more guidance? No problem. 

The three months ongoing mentoring could be for you, if you:

Want to have clear vision what to do with your brand online

Need continuous support where you can ask any question which comes to your mind

Feel like your current actions didn’t give you expected results


I will help you with choosing the right social media channels to reach your business goals.

We will establish your social brand tone of voice so you can connect better and engage with your audience.

We will plan together your next campaign for a product or service you want to promote.

I will show you how to plan your social media calendar so you won’t feel burned out by the amount of content that you need to create.

I will audit all your current social channels to see what really didn’t work and why.

We will build your marketing strategy for social media so your actions won’t be directed ‘what you think should work’ but what your clients want to see.

We will work on your branding so all your presence online has ‘one voice’.

We will discover various types of content and find the best for you and your brand (according to current trends).










Don’t you worry. I have few extras for you!

bonus 01


Imagine that you have an amazing social channel, you connect with your audience and later you need to send them to your website which is a bit off road.

How would that make you feel? A bit embarrassed?

I could understand that.

That’s why I will check your website and give you a list with recommendations of what you should/could change to represent your whole brand in the same taste. 


bonus 02


There are plenty of tools which could work for you. Maybe you are a fan of Photoshop or you would prefer Canva.


It is a bit time consuming to find the best tool for various aspects of content creation or distribution, so I did all the work for you.


This list will include paid and unpaid options for your brand and I’m sure you will find something there that you will love.


bonus 03


Most of us get frustrated then our inbox is full of useless emails and I don’t want you to create one more.

That’s why I created a 10-step guide on how to keep your newsletter clear, short and fun so your audience really wants to read it! It's great to be in touch with your audience when all social media is down (and we know that happened not even once) or when you want to share with them some special offer.


That’s probably a question in your mind. I get it. Let me show you how much you would normally pay, and keep going as there is a final offer for you!



***It would be the price if you want to  but everything separately. I believe you are committed and want to get your brand for another level so I have some special offer. 

What would you pay without offer?

  • 6 sessions - 90 minutes - £1500

  • Daily access to me within working hours for 3 months - priceless but for easier math - £9560

  • Your website review and guidance - £70

  • Useful tools list for your brand - £30

  • Time for Email Newsletter - £20

Let me remind you first what you get:

  1. Total shake up of your social media accounts

  2. Recommendations on how you can grow your brand and sell more. 

  3. Tips for growing your audience online.

  4. Social media strategy which is going hand to hand with your business.

  5. Tools and templates to keep your brand in good shape even if we finish our mentoring. 

  6.  Few extras to not only grow on social media but to have more movement on website and bigger email list. 


      one payment of £1,679

(85% lower than original price!)



  1. Sign up below. Later we will schedule a 30 min call where we will get to know each other and I will discover your brand a bit more. 

  2. There will be 6 mentoring sessions 90 minutes each.

  3. In the meantime, you will be able to ask any question through email within working hours.

  4. When you sign up, you will receive your website audit for up to 5 working days to your inbox. Useful tools list for your brand and Time for newsletter will be sent automatically after sign up.​

Sign me up!
Cup of Coffee

I want to find out about mentoring!


How long is the mentoring for?

It will take 3 months from the moment when you submit and make a payment for the program.

I have business, but it is in an early stage, will mentoring be for me?

There are few requirements which you will have before taking part in mentoring, like own your brand, have an online presence, offer product/services, have established a niche for your business, have business goals for the next few months, know your competition. Without it, it will be very hard to build a strategy suitable for your business. 

If you meet most of the requirements but you are not on social media - I would recommend starting from package Zero to Social Hero first as it could be more suitable in this stage.

How much time will I need for the programme?

It depends on you, there will be work which you will need to do, apart from online sessions which you will have with me. But the positive note is that we can work together based on how much time you are able to invest realistically.

Do you have a refund policy?

I do not offer a refund policy on mentoring because before you make your payment we meet for a 30 min call for free where I explain all and get to know you and your brand better. At this discovery call, you can ask your questions and it is time for you to make a decision if you really want to work with me. Apart from that, I believe that to make it successful, you need to be fully committed to the process and willing for changes, which won’t happen if you plan your escape route on day one.

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