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How To Stop Procrastinating

Do you know the feeling when you know you should do something but you still don’t? You try to put a clear explanation (or reason) why your action at this moment is good. I need to stop you here: you know that it is not right. You know that you are cheating on yourself.

You are procrastinating darling.

The worst point is to admit it but as soon as you do it, it will get easier. Maybe you thought what are the reasons why you are going into the ‘procrastinate path’ again? The honest answer is that you are human and we tend to do it from time to time but apart from that it’s good to find your deeper reason.

The first one which I experience very often is fear. The time when you know your action will bring some results and responsibilities. The fact that you can put yourself out there for judgement. This fear is paralyzing and it’s the reason that you start to sabotage yourself. Second reason why you procrastinate so much is lack of organization. The amount of tasks is spinning in your head so instead of putting a plan together, you postpone this action expecting that the problem will disappear itself (you know it won’t happen). The third reason is lack of reason! If you don’t have a purpose why you do something, don’t expect to stay motivated going in an unclear direction, it’s easier just to chill!

Procrastination is like a resistance band - it keeps you away from your desire results in each area of your life. And there is only one way how you can change it: ACTION. It can sound vague, too simple or irrational. I agree. But action brings results. However, there are few things which you still can do to make this situation less painful.

  1. Set yourself the deadline - remember that it cannot be in the very far future, it needs to be something close enough and realistic to keep you on track.

  2. Step by step - plan your activities from the smallest possible step. For example if you would like to write an article, you will start from writing one sentence. I’m sure when you write that you will be ready to do a bit more, but remember that you set yourself a very small goal on start and all what you will do is extra.

  3. Set the scene - sometimes to do something you need a good vibes. It can be music, a tidy desk or a quiet moment. I always put a bit of focus on music when I want to write something, it works like classical conditioning, one action stimulates another. For approaching this step you push yourself closer towards the flow state, where you are able to be the most focused and productive.

The final reminder is that procrastination is a returning path and even if one day you beat it, there is not 100% confirmation that it will happen every time. However, as soon as you recognize your habits which are pushing you towards this feeling, you can work on changing them.

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