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Declutter Your Mind

Feeling overwhelmed or stressed, feeling like all recent situations were too much for your mind, they exhausted yourself and you think that the break is needed. Or sometimes you have the creativity run - the amount of ideas what you can do in your life limits you to the point that you sit and watch Netflix. I feel those situations.

You can hold this all in or let it go.

We tend to clean our houses, cars, wardrobe, we could hear about Marie Kondo and all those people who live a minimalist life to reduce clutter of objects but not much conversation going on around the mind. As much as it is easy to just throw everything out from your house corners and leave all what sparkles the joy, it is so hard to do it with our thoughts. We cannot force our mind to spot thinking for a moment, we cannot put our thoughts in one place and think which ones bring us joy.

You couldn’t find me on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Full 30 days detox.

There is something that we can do. Overall August I decided to be off socializing. You couldn’t find me on Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Full 30 days detox. In our digital era, it sounds like suicide. Don’t worry, I’m still alive and I’m better that I ever was, due to implementing a few simple tactics to declutter my thoughts, my mind.

So if you are still here that means you really want to know how to do it. Let’s go!

The first and the most important: cut yourself off all distractions. All through the day is cluttered and you need time only for you, no social media, no news. You don’t need to do it for all the month, but even a day with yourself and nature (if you can) will bring his difference.

Next step is to make clear in your mind what is the most important for you, what is your priority. Maybe you save for the house now, so there is no need for spending money for the new iPhone. Or you want to open a new business, but you are still in the stage of building your business plan over and over again. Think what it is - the most important thing in your life, the areas which are crucial for yourself. I’m a planner so I would make a list on paper with all my priorities, to have them on side if another clutter will come on my way (yes, there will be more of them - be ready). But it is up to you if you write it or simply think about it. Do it your way, but remember: the most important areas in your life (and remember: everything is not important - be specific!).

There could be situations where you are unsure if something is a priority for you. And here we are with the second tip: if you think it's important enough, probably it is not. So move on.

Now you will think, but hold on! What with all those unused ideas? Store them for later. I highly recommend you to have one place where you keep your ideas. I do it in my notes on the phone as I have it always with me so when something runs through my mind, I will write it and forget about it till the time when it’s back to me. Storing ideas is a great way if your creativity becomes desert and you need inspiration.

The last step will be letting things go. It is the hardest one. If you don’t believe me, check around your current place and think about how many objects you have there, but you probably should throw them away a long time ago? I’m sure you will find more than one! Don’t worry it is normal, we all do it. As much as we are attached to objects, we are attached to our thoughts. Sometimes you live so long in clutter that you accept it and don’t see it anymore. The same with all other feelings. I had it worrying, I was worried about everything all the time, till the moment I realized that it is normal for me, that I don’t see it anymore, but at the same time I don’t like it as it limits myself and adds to me stressful moments in life. The same with clutter, you need to let it out and go. For some people simple conversation with someone and letting all from the heart out helps and for another writing diary. Again: find what works for you. If you are extreme like me, I like it, run it out, it’s my way to clear my mind and get rid of unnecessary clutter.

If you don’t declutter your mind, it will hold you back, it will limit you and put you towards old patterns as there won’t be space for new ones.

If you don’t declutter your mind, it will hold you back, it will limit you and put you towards old patterns as there won’t be space for new ones, it works like wardrobe: if you want new dresses, you need to reduce old stuff in this space as your wardrobe is not from gum, it won’t expand. The same with your mind, it will be loaded up at some point and you will need to stop and clear this mess, before it will push you down.

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