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Content Creation Hacks for Beginner

Content creation can be scary. When I have a conversation with clients, the first question is how we can make it painless. They don't have time. They feel overwhelmed with all social media. Are you on the same page?

If it's you, keep reading as I have few ideas what you can do to NEVER be out of content.

Research what your niche like

Sounds so serious. But you need one day in a month or two where you sit and check Google, Pinterest, Youtube or even Instagram to see what is popular for your keywords, for your brand. There are many tools and websites which you can use like Buzzsumo, Nuzzel, Quora, Write all ideas which you can find. At this stage, you really shouldn't focus on whether the concept is good. You are in the brainstorming stage.

Get yourself the topic of the month

It will make your creation easier. You should understand the one fundamental idea you will share for a few sub-ideas by topic of the month, something like serials when your tribe will discover more with every episode. And it will give you better structure if you decide to go for a particular product. All content creation should be about your products or services which you offer. Some shortcuts you give others for free, and they will need to reach out to you when they would like more.

Batch your content creation baby

When you do a photoshoot, you don't do only one photo (I hope!). You create all for a month, the same with videos, reels, blog articles etc. You never should create only one piece of content. If you are an entrepreneur and a successful business person, you are busy and won't have time to create every day. You cannot live your audience without anything as a lack of consistency is not welcomed in running the business. So batch your content, baby.

Be smarter and schedule all in advance.

Life keeps you busy, I know. And when you hear that it is helpful to be daily on various platforms, it can push to your head: what the hell? How? There are few ways. Don't worry! You can use tools to plan like Trello and copy-pasted your content when it needs to go out. Or you can use other apps to automatic schedules, like Planoly or Facebook Scheduler. When you have a day like you don't feel it today or get crazy packed with clients' requests, the last thing you want to have in your head is to publish photos. Work on it for one day and have the rest of the month free head. On the market, there are various apps or platforms to use. Most of them are not free, but they give a free trial to have a taste of them and decide which one works best for you.

Use the same content a few times

Repurpose content! Surprise! This article was published in a shorter version on IG; I recorded video and shared sneak peeks on IG stories. Why? Simply because you could not read this article on my website, but you could visit my YouTube channel or find me o IG. The competition is there, and the more places you can use the same content simply saves you time. Some more ideas what I do: all graphics from IG, I share on Pinterest and Facebook Page; sometimes I create an infographic from the article and share it on all the platforms; all reels from IG I share to TikTok. I think you got taste. You should consider how to re-use something that you created once.

You don't need to be everywhere when you start

I started from IG, added Youtube after few months. But at some point, it was too much. I felt like I'm only creating content for its sake, but in reality, I should focus on my clients. Sometimes you will need to focus on one place and be realistic about your time. It makes me angry when I hear that you need to post 3 times a day minimum and be on trillion platforms. Yes, you need to be consistent, but it needs to work for you and bring the fun! You need to focus on serving your clients and at the same time earn money for a living, so just to highlight: YOU DON'T NEED TO BE EVERYWHERE!

Data, data, data

Analyze the data. Once a month, sit with a piece of paper and check your results before you jump into another creation. Think what worked the best, what your clients loved, etc. I always feel it is the step which people like to miss and later they are surprised that there are no results. But you need to know if all work which you put into the previous month brought results. It won't be possible without checking your statistics and matching them to your goals (as I believe you have targets when you post!).

“An intelligent person is never afraid or ashamed to find errors in his understanding of things." Bryant H. McGill

Do you feel a bit more in control right now? Is this content creation journey less painful and precise? Remember that it is a process, and you are on the marathon, not a sprint. So take one step at a time.

And if you feel like 'I want more! Bring me more!' You can sign up for a newsletter to get a free ebook about creating actually engaging content and find me on Instagram (as I share many freebies there daily!).

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