I support the next generation of confident and unapologetically driven brands! I'm here to show that building a brand on social media is easier than you think. 


I’m Nicole - creative soul, social media passionate and running addict! 



One-to-one teaching - one or more sessions on average 2 hours where we discuss your brand and find solutions on issues which you struggle with. 

3 months ongoing mentoring - programme where we meet on a bi-weekly basis and develop your brand online. You have full access to me within working hours and can ask any questions. In the end, you will know what to do to grow your brand, how to analyze data, create a budget etc. 

Monthly social media management - monthly social media management (up to two accounts) where I take all on me and you can enjoy free time.

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Over the past few years, I have been learning how to use creativity and marketing in the most effective way and build a strong brand online. Now I help other small businesses to express their values and message through social media to their customers. So if you look for someone who will be soft on you and afraid of telling the truth, you are in the wrong place. Simplicity, positivity and expressiveness would be the best description of how our work together could go...

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Nicole gave me such a thorough review of my social media pages, including my website, though we mainly focused on Instagram, as that is the platform I most like using. We had 2 in-depth online sessions, where it was clear that she really had investigated and analysed all aspects of my business presence! She was very considerate of my lack of social media knowledge and pitched her explanations and finding clearly to a level that I could understand. We discussed many strategies for me to implement, both immediately and from a long term perspective. The written report Nicole provided was also very comprehensive, including so many tips, hints and ideas. Nicole was always helpful and respectful of my own comfort levels. I would definitely recommend you talk to Nicole if you need some help in growing your business organically through social media. Her knowledge is HUGE!


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